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Hello, this is "Dressing Hinagiku"

We try to provide an easy-to-understand fee structure and a polite response.

By establishing a sales style that does not have a physical store, we provide a dressing service at an affordable price. There is also a desire to dispel the image of the kimono (Japanese clothes) industry, which has an image that is difficult to understand and approach, so we try to respond politely to consultations.

At the time of booking, we keep in mind the clear accounting, and no additional charges will be added on the day of dressing.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We also have staff with a wealth of experience in raising children.

It's okay if you squirm or cry on the way. Please leave it to us with confidence.

Anyone who wants to wear a kimono is welcome.

Basic dressing fee + early morning fee (¥ 1,500) + transportation fee (¥ 1,500)

There is no additional charge other than this.

* Early morning charges are incurred only for reservations made outside business hours (5: 00 am-6: 00 AM).

* There is a free transportation area. For details, go to this page

Click here for staff self-introduction

business hours


Every day 6: 00-- 17:00

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