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Please experience the polite dressing that was particular about comfort.

Welcome to "Kitsuke Hinagiku"

Kitsuke Hinagiku is a kimono business trip dressing shop in Hokusetsu.

We will help you "I want to wear a kimono!"

It is a service to visit your home in Hokusetsu (Suita City, Toyonaka City, Minoo City) and put on a kimono.

You don't have to carry heavy kimono or change clothes as you will be dressed at your home.

​ (Some areas of Osaka City can also be on business trips. Please contact us for details.)

It's a simple and convenient service that you just have to wait at home.

Reservation method

Date / time / address (up to the town name) / adults (or children) / number of people requested

Please contact us with

Reservations are accepted from LINE

Search by official LINE "Dressing Hinagiku"

Or make a reservation from the link above

We will visit you by car, so please inform us of the parking space.

​ Our wish

We want everyone who wants to wear a kimono to relax and enjoy a "day in kimono".

​ We also hope that the service will make people who are not familiar with kimono feel "good to wear kimono".

You don't have to know anything, just leave it to us.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in advance.

We will respond politely to any trivial consultation.

Kimono consultation

Nowadays, more and more young people want to wear the kimono that they have inherited from their relatives.

Will the size fit? Is there anything else I should buy? Please feel free to contact us as we can consult with you.

Other consultations are also welcome.

* Paid for business trip consultation at home

* Consultation on LINE is free



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